Agave Games: Strengthening the studio-publisher relationship

Agave’s publishing framework gives a leg up to studios

  • Be on top of prevailing trends to create unique selling points (ie. combination of proven gameplay mechanics and different design/graphics)
  • Achieve shorter time to market through tests during the soft launch and a framework to kill ideas at hyper-seed
  • Hit best-in-class metrics by leveraging analytics and user segmentation using existing tools in unison with in-house

Stellar team with connections to hire the top talent and identify the best studios

Hypercasual games are the driving force behind the global growth in gaming

Clear need for a rehaul of the studio-publisher relationship




Partner @500Startups Istanbul,, Glocal Podcast

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Enis Hulli

Enis Hulli

Partner @500Startups Istanbul,, Glocal Podcast

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