Agave Games: Strengthening the studio-publisher relationship

Agave’s publishing framework gives a leg up to studios

Agave aims to provide a more tailored and boutique development & marketability coaching to a select number of studios aiming to shorten the development funnel and generate more profit per resource employed. Agave’s end-to-end coaching process includes sharing all of the insights with studios so they are armed better to develop the next iteration. Below are the key pillars of Agave’s framework:

  • Be on top of prevailing trends to create unique selling points (ie. combination of proven gameplay mechanics and different design/graphics)
  • Achieve shorter time to market through tests during the soft launch and a framework to kill ideas at hyper-seed
  • Hit best-in-class metrics by leveraging analytics and user segmentation using existing tools in unison with in-house

Stellar team with connections to hire the top talent and identify the best studios

Agave is led by two co-founders with complementary prior experience in project management and hypercasual development & publishing.

Hypercasual games are the driving force behind the global growth in gaming

Mobile gaming is already bigger than the movie and music industries combined. In 4 years, the ad spend in the industry alone will exceed today’s combined market for movies and music. Hypercasual games are best positioned to benefit from the rise in gaming and mobile ads.

Clear need for a rehaul of the studio-publisher relationship

Agave saw a gap in the market that they could fill. Studios work very hard to create games, but the studio-publisher relationship is a black-box model. Game studios do not have the visibility into how their games are performing, or how their KPIs might be changing based on in-game tweaks or creative updates, and not sure what the publisher is doing to reach those numbers. As a result, the developer is not armed with the insights to improve its product.





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Enis Hulli

Enis Hulli

Partner @500Startups Istanbul,, Glocal Podcast