Arf: A major leap in cross-border finance

Cross border is the nascent real-life use case for crypto payments

A compliant and instant cross-border payment network

  • Instant cross-border settlements in existing and new corridors without the need for prefunding or correspondent banking relationships
  • Borderless and lean treasury management of attested and 1:1 pegged stablecoins
  • Local mid-market FX rates of the receiving country
  • New volume of transactions by becoming Arf Network member for local collections and payouts

Arf’s modular API integrations create multilayer network effects, not only on its tech layer but also as a transactional transfer network.

Sophisticated team attacking a complex problem

Welcome to the #500FAMILY!




Partner @500Startups Istanbul,, Glocal Podcast

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Enis Hulli

Enis Hulli

Partner @500Startups Istanbul,, Glocal Podcast

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