If AI wants to eat software, Ango will be its bread and butter

Ango is yet another managed data annotation and labeling platform — for now

Ango is well-positioned to expand both vertically and horizontally

Urul Brothers have the domain expertise to further specialize

We believe that at this stage, artificial minds are still babies, learning the world from us humans. We are committed to accelerate AI’s understanding of the world by providing AI teams with the highest quality training data there can be. — Gokhan & Gokalp

Welcome to the #500FAMILY!




Partner @500Startups Istanbul, enis@500.co, Glocal Podcast theglocal.co

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Enis Hulli

Enis Hulli

Partner @500Startups Istanbul, enis@500.co, Glocal Podcast theglocal.co

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